How Can I Add Business Card for Signature without Image?

Written By Deepmala
Chirag Arora
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Published On October 4th, 2023
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Whenever you desire to add a business card to your signature in MS Outlook, the Signature Editor by default generates an image of it automatically and includes it in the signature whilst attaching the VCF file with it.

If you are looking forward to get rid of the image and just want to attach the VCF file with the signature, then some changes are to be made in the registry.

I. Adding Business Card In Outlook

Before making changes in the registry, let us first add the business card that we want to add in signatures and save it. This will create a VCF file of the contact in the Signatures folder. To do this, follow the given procedure.

  • Open Outlook and Click on the File tab. In File tab, click on Options.


  • After clicking on option select the mail options. In this browse for Create or modify signatures in messages. In the third section of Mail tab, click on Signatures.


  • In Signatures and Stationery dialog box, click on the first tab Email Signature. In this select New to create a new signature for your business card.


  • Type the Name of the signature in the new signature dialog box like Business Card and click OK. type-name-of-signature
  • Select Business Card above the signature editor.


  • Select the contact that you want to include in the signature.


  • Select Save option below the signature editor dialog box. A VCF file in the signature folder will be created.


  • Exit Outlook.

II. Changes In Registry Editor

We will open the registry key in order to add a key and value so that the VCF file we created can be easily found. Before doing any changes in the registry it is recommended to back it up in case anything goes wrong.

  • Click on the Start option and select Run.
  • In the Run dialog box, type “regedit” to open registry editor and click OK.


  • In the User Account Dialog box, click on Yes.
  • Browse for the below shown registry key.


  • Notice the signature Business card has been created automatically.
  • Copy the value data by double clicking on Business Card.


  • Exit Registry Editor.

III. Changes In Signature

  • Click on the image of the business card and delete it. You will only find the formatted text in the signature editor.


  • Click on Save option to save the new signature and click on OK. Close Signature Editor.


  • Exit Outlook.

IV. Changes In Registry

Open Registry Editor once again. You will notice that the business card signature created earlier by default is missing. Now create the value by following below mentioned steps:

  • Select Edit option from the task bar and click on New. Select String Value option.


  • In the new value rename it to the signature you created i.e. james.


  • Double click on the new value. In the value edit box paste the value that was copied earlier i.e. James_files\Albert Paul.


Note: In case you are not sure of the location and name of the VCF file, you can check the location of the VCF file. This can be done by clicking the signature option as in step 3 by pressing the control key. The name and location of the VCF file will be shown.

  • Once you have entered the new value data Exit Registry Editor. exit-regedit
  • Open Outlook and click on New E-mail. In case the new signature is selected as the default signature, then it will be generated automatically in the email you will create.
  • Otherwise, you will need to click on Signatures and select signature from the menu.
  • The VCF file will be attached to the message, but the image will not be included in the message body. You will be able to see only the text that you had selected and included in the signature.


  • Hence this is the perfect method with the help of which you can add Business Card for signature without image.