Office 365 Export Tool

Quickly Export Office 365 Mailbox to PST, EML & MSG File

  • Export emails, calendars, contacts, and task from Office 365 Online
  • Rapidly connect with Office 365 account through its credentials
  • Enables admin login to export Office 365 mailboxes all at once
  • Offers 2 filtering options: Category and date-based filtering
  • Office 365 export tool allows to split large size data file.
  • Apply Naming Convention for exporting O365 emails to EML, MSG
  • Export Office 365 account data to desired destination location.
  • Maintains the Read/Unread status of the emails after exporting.
  • Retains folder structure in exact format after complete exporting
  • Export Office 365 shared and archive mailbox to Various formats
  • Supports MS Windows 10 (32 and 64-bit) and all prior versions
  • Created CSV Report after completion of export process.
  • Supports Majorly All Microsoft Office 365 Subscription Plans

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Prominent Features of Office 365 Export Tool

Office 365 Export Tool is the professional approach for exporting Office 365 mailboxes to PST and other file formats. It enables users to preview mailboxes directly after the login process and provides variety of options to save data locally. The purpose behind offering this solution is to equip enterprise with direct and hurdle-free solution of moving emails, tasks, calendars, and contacts from Office 365 to PST, MSG, and EML.

What Office 365 Export PST Tool Can Do?

The Office 365 Export PST tool is business application for the organization who are looking best method for saving their users account data into local computer. This utility provides the option to transfer Office 365 account data in PST, EML and MSG file format with various filtering options. You can also split the large size exported file format into smaller chunks during the export process. See the detailed features of export tool below:

Export Office 365 mailbox to PST

Export Office 365 Mailbox to PST in One Go

The advance product enables users to connect with their O365 tenant and save its data on local machine in desired file format. It transfers data from the cloud server of Microsoft to local machine. Office 365 export tool is capable of fetching and exporting emails, tasks, contacts, address book, etc.

Multiple format for backup

Renders Several Formats to Save Data

MS Office 365 Export PST Tool provides 3 file format option to store cloud data on local machine and they are PST, EML, and MSG. The software is capable enough to extract and save messages with attachments on PC. However, it requires Outlook email program to be installed on machine for migration.

Export Selective O365 Data

Option to Migrate Selective O365 Folders

The Office 365 Export tool provides feature of limiting mailbox items during the migration procedure. For this, users have to check only those folders (in category section) that they want to export using the program. This will minus overall time of procedure by preventing useless data conversion.

Export Office 365 Multiple User Mailbox

Enables Admin to Export Multiple User Mailboxes

When user login as an administrator, he / she is having authority to export data of each member of the Office 365 domain. The Office 365 Export tool demands E3 license allotted to the organization domain. An administrator must have access to OWA from the server system.

Date filter Option

Offers Date-based Email Filtering

The Office 365 Export PST tool renders number of ways to filter out unwanted data. One such is date-based that can be applied on emails, calendars, and tasks mailbox of O365 tenant. Clients have to fill ‘To’ and ‘From’ field of the software based upon the decided date range.

Naming Convention

Provides File Naming Convention

When an individual will choose EML or MSG option as file saving format, at this instance, additionally he / she will be benefited with file naming convention option. This allows one to save resultant file in their desired naming format. More than 5 file naming convention options are offered by this software.

Pause and Resume Button

Exhibits Pause and Resume Button

When there is some breakdown or sudden failure in the internet connection, Office 365 export tool provides useful feature of Pause and resume. This will pause the process in between and again began it from the point where it had earlier left. No changes will be made during resuming and transferring process.

Save O365 Export PST report

Save Office 365 Exporting Log Report

Office 365 Export PST Tool creates a live status report of conversion during the data transferring procedure. This records entire information regarding all the tasks performed while carrying out Office 365 extractor procedure. In future, this log file can be utilized for analyzing connection status.

Screenshots: Office 365 Export Tool

How to Export Office 365 Mailbox to PST, EML, and MSG Files

FAQ: Frequently Asked Questions

Take help of following guidelines to do the same:
  • Open Office 365 Export tool on your PC and click login
  • Enable ‘Is Admin’ and enter Admin account credentials
  • Select all the user accounts and click on Next
  • Choose PST and click on Browse to define destination path
  • Finally, click on Start to initiate extracting procedure
Yes, follow below-mentioned instructions to do this:
  • Launch Office 365 Export PST tool
  • Enter your O365 account credentials & sign in
  • Select all loaded mailboxes and click Next
  • Choose EML from file options
  • Hit Browse & Add the targeted location and click Start
Yes, our Office 365 Export tool enables extracting of archive mailbox from O365 to PST format. The measure will be same as for all other items of the tenant.
No, if you want to export items of single O365 user account only then, there is no need of admin credentials. You just have to enter id and password of Office 365 account for this purpose.
No, our Office 365 export PST tool is Windows-based utility. It will be compatible with Microsoft Windows 10, 8.1, 8, and its prior editions.
Yes, it is possible to download Office 365 mailboxes on local machine but, not on the shared drive of the network.
The Office 365 PST export tool requires Microsoft Outlook as the supportive part of it. Apart from it, nothing is required for working of the product.

How to Export Office 365 Mailbox to PST File

Export Exchange Online Mailbox to PST with User Admin Account

1. Download and install Office 365 Export tool on your machine and launch it. Once you are done with launching, click on Login button

Click on Office 365 Login Button

2. Check the checkbox of ‘Is Admin’ to download data from multiple users at one time

Check Is Admin to export Office 365 admin mailbox to PST

3. Enter the credentials of Admin account and click on Sign in button

Enter Credentials of O365 Admin account

4. All the user ids of signed in administrator profile will be listed in front of you. Check the checkbox of required email id and click on Next

administrator profile

5. Follow following steps to export Office 365 to PST :

  • (a) Select the radio button of Microsoft Outlook (PST) in ‘Select Email Format’ section

Select PST Format

  • (b) If needed then, you can breakdown output .pst file by activating ‘Split PST’ option. Mention the size in which file truncating is to be done

Break large file

  • (c) Select the mailboxes from ‘Categories’ field that you want to extract from O365 in PST format

backup Office 365 email to PST

  • (d) If required then, you can apply date-based filtering for one or more category by clicking on Date Filter >> Set

Apply Date Filter to export Office 365 webmail to PST

  • (e) Click on Browse button for specifying the location where you want to save resultant Outlook PST file

Browse Destination

  • (f) Navigate the path to command software where it should store file on the machine. Select the location and click on OK
    • (g) After successfully adding the location, click on Start button to begin actual working of Office 365 email Office 365 export tool.

    Start button

6. Take help of following steps to save Office 365 messages in EML format :6. Take help of following steps to save Office 365 messages in EML format :

  • (a) Enable the radio button of MSG from list of file options

Select MSG File Format

  • (b) Select Mail category and if want then, you can choose date filter for selective migration

Check Email

  • (c) Click on Naming convention drop-down box and select the format in which you want to save O365 emails with attachments on local machine

Naming convention

  • (d) Hit on Browse and navigate towards the path where resultant files are to be saved
    • Browse Destination

      • (e) At last, click on Start to initiate the email exporting procedure from O365 account

      hit Start

7. Follow the below-mentioned guidelines to archive Exchange online emails in EML format :

  • (a) Check the checkbox corresponding to the EML option

Select EML

  • (b) Select the Mails category and if needed then, you can apply filtering to eliminate useless data migration

Check Mail

  • (c) If you want to change default naming convention of resultant file then, expand menu of Naming convention and choose the desired option

Naming Convention

  • (d) Hit on Browse button to add the location where you want to save output EML files

Browse Location

  • (e) Finally, click on Start button for exporting Office 365 emails to EML

Click Stat

Exporting Single Office 365 User Account

1. Launch Office 365 Export tool on your system and click on Login button

Click on O365 Login Button

2. Enter the credentials of Office 365 user tenant and click on Sign In

Enter Credentials

3. Software will load entire folder hierarchy of entered O365 account, which you have mentioned in software. Click on Next to proceed

Folder Hierarchy

4. To export the data in PST file format, follow below-mentioned instructions :

  • a) Activate the radio button of Microsoft Outlook (PST)

Select PST Format

  • b) If wanted then, you can use splitting feature provided in the product. Else, directly choose Office 365 categories and then, proceed to Step (c)

Split feature

  • c) Hit on Browse to decide the location where output PST file is to be saved

Browse Location

  • d) Finally, click on Start Button to begin procedure from Office 365 Mailbox Export tool


  • e) Software starts exporting mailboxes from Office 365 account to PST format. Once the procedure gets finished, its complete status will be displayed

Office 365 Mailbox export Process Completed

5. You can save emails of O365 user account in MSG format with help of following instructions :

  • a) a) Activate the radio button correspond to MSG

Select MSG Format

  • b) Select the Mails category to command Office 365 export PST tool that it has to save O365 emails to MSG format. If needed then, you can apply date filtering to this


  • c) Use the menu provided in Naming Convention field and select the file name with which you want to save messages

Naming Convention

  • d) Hit on Browse button for commanding the path where resultant files are to be saved


  • e) At last, click on Start button to initiate the procedure


6. Follow upcoming steps to save O365 messages in EML format :

  • a) Activate the radio button, which is corresponding to EML

Select EML Format

  • b) Choose the Mails in category field and if required then, you can apply date filtering

Check Mails

  • c) Mention the naming convention to provide a name to resultant files

Naming Convention

  • d) Hit on Browse button for defining the path where software have to save output .eml files

Browse Button

  • e) At last, click on Start to begin the exporting process

Hit on Start

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Client Reviews

The Microsoft Office 365 Export PST tool works amazingly for me. The application is easy-to-use and understand, which enables even a novice user to work with it. Layout of the product is simple and it is possible to achieve unlimited EML messages from Office 365 email folders. Bunch of emails were exported in no time just because of this tool.

- Debbie Castro, Alaska

It was difficult for me to access Exchange online tenant in the area where there was lack of internet connectivity. Thank god this Office 365 export tool was available in market, which offered me solution to access O365 emails in MS Outlook. Whenever I have to go on such place, I use this app without any tension and using the date filter I download items in PST format.

- Rodney Silva, Texas

I was troubling with the eDiscovery method to export Office 365 mailbox to PST file. Then, somebody on a forum suggested me this export tool. After testing it’s demo version, I was very much satisfied with the software and purchased the full version for my organization.

- Jasmine Sanders, USA