Know Differences Between Microsoft Office 365 and Outlook 2016

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Published On October 3rd, 2023
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In the present arena, most of the users select the utilization of cloud-based applications for proper data management. As the Office 365, gives Ms Outlook, SharePoint Online, Lync Online, Exchange Online, etc. Whereas as Outlook is a desktop-based email application. It requires proper platform for the utilization and data management in an efficient manner. Both the technologies are quite similar as well as on demand in today’s world. To understand it clearly, we have discussed the proper comparison between Outlook vs Office 365 in this write-up.

Glance on Office 365

MS Office 365 is a web-based edition of MS Office suite of an enterprise-grade for productive applications. It is carried to users through the cloud that comprises emails, Exchange Online, Lync Online, and SharePoint Online for collaboration for combined communication. The benefit of utilizing Office 365 is that it can be used from anywhere on any device through an Internet connectivity. It comes up with the subscription on a yearly or monthly basis as per the choice. It offers various beneficial features for users accordingly.

Contrast Features of Outlook vs Office 365

Parameters Outlook 2016 Office 365
Cost Pay a single or onetime cost only Pay on yearly basis or pay a small cost on monthly basis
Added Features All the update related to security is updated, but user will not get new features, which are added to Outlook 2016 In addition, updates that are related to major releases are not included in this. Office 365 version will always be improving.User can get all the latest updates and features from Microsoft. Major upgrades to the version of future are included.
Office Applications User can get all the applications, like Excel, PowerPoint, Word, apart from Outlook. However, apps will not be updated when any new feature will release. User will get the latest version of all the Office applications like Outlook, PowerPoint, Excel, MS Word, etc. At present, the latest version of office is office 2016, but this version continues to receive updation of the new features. PC users will also get Access and Publisher.
Any other extra online storage Any other extra installation is not included in this. User can securely store the entire important file in this cloud and it gives the facility to access them from anywhere. The only thing is needed is internet connection. User can get 1 TB of One Drive cloud storage per user, for up to 5 users.
Installation of Outlook on one or more than one system For a single operating system, user to need to pay only for one time. Therefore, the copy of Outlook is good for both the system either one Mac or one PC. With the installation of Office 365, user can install Office desktop applications on up to five computers. These five computers can include the combination of Macs and PCs. If in case, users do not need all those installation, they can share them with the members of your home.
Install Outlook to get advanced features on phones and tablets Users can get basic features of editing on phone or on tablet. Users can get extra features when sign in to Office apps on the machine. For instance, with Office 365 Home, user will get these extra features on up to 5 tablets and 5 smartphones.


As the world is getting digitized users can see most of the development in technologies. Office 365 and Outlook are two such technologies used by many organizations. In the above discussion, we have discussed the difference between Office 365 and Outlook that makes easy for users to understand the proper Outlook vs Office 365 contrasting features.