Gmail OR Yahoo Mail: Comparison to Find Out the Best Email Service

Written By Deepmala
Chirag Arora
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Published On September 29th, 2023
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In the present day and age, the Internet is continually growing and evolving. Every person needs to use the services offered by the internet such as online data storage, video streaming, and most importantly email. Electronic mail Service providers have played a very powerful role in this world to send and receive information easily. Emails help exchange ideas between users, virtually located at any place on the globe. With the progress of the Internet, several email services have surfaced. But a few of them have stood out as the most reliable ones.

Here, we will discuss and compare two such email services that have left an impact on email users from various walks of life. In other words, we will analyze the difference between Gmail and Yahoo Mail to answer the question: “Which is better, Gmail or Yahoo Mail?”.

The following parameters will be considered for the comparison between Gmail and Yahoo Mail.

  • Flexible Size of Attachments
  • Security Services
  • User Interface Design
  • Advertisement Policy
  • Android App

Comparing features of Gmail and Yahoo Mail

Parameters Gmail Yahoo Mail
Flexible Size of Attachments It allows users to create emails with attachments up to a size of 25 MB. It does not mean that you can’t attach much larger files. Files exceeding 25MB can be attached via Google Drive (up to 10GB size) Users can only attach files as attachments having a size of up to 25MB to their emails. To remove this size limitation Yahoo Mail is reportedly under talks with file hosting services company Dropbox.
Security Services Provides Two Step Verification where a user has to log in using their password and a code which is sent to the registered mobile number. SMS alerts are also sent if anyone hacks into that account or tries to change the password. Yahoo protects its users from phishing attacks. It also makes the sign-in secure through a “sign-in seal”. This consists of a text message or an image stored on the user’s computer.
User Interface Design Gmail lacks an intuitive design. Mailbox consists of Inbox, Sent Mail & Drafts on the left. Spam and Trash & can be accessed via the drop-down menu, but are hidden behind the Hangouts pane. To access contacts, you need to click on the drop-down menu above the Compose button. Yahoo Mail is designed with a simple, clean user interface. It has five folders on the left (Inbox, Drafts, Sent, Spam and Trash). There are also additional folders in the drop-down menu. Above all these folders there is the Compose button. On top of the Compose button, there are buttons for Mail, Contacts, Calendar, Notepad & Yahoo Messenger.
Advertisement Policy Gmail shows two small, unnoticeable ads located just above and below the email list pane. These are text-only and occupy a single line of space. Gmail’s new tabbed inbox doesn’t show any ads at all. Yahoo Mail has an invasive ad policy. There is a vertical banner ad on the right side of the screen, with a small sponsored ad below the folders on the left side. Also, there’s a sponsored advertisement at the top of the email list pane that looks just like an unread email. Yahoo offers ad-free services for $49.99 per year.
Android App Also available for iOS & provides all the features. The Inbox is separated into Primary, Social, Promotions, etc., & for managing emails according to labels. The search button at the top-right corner makes it very easy to find emails. The Yahoo Mail app interface is very similar to the Gmail app. Various folders are available by swiping in from the left and emails can be found using the search bar. You can also change the background theme, a feature absent in the Gmail app. Messages can be deleted or replied to from the Notification bar. To irritate further, Yahoo Mail shows sponsored ads at the top of Inbox.


Thus, after a comparison of Gmail and Yahoo Mail, it is quite clear that Gmail is the better online email service for new users as well as for IT professionals. This is because it has greater security features than Yahoo Mail, a less distracting Advertisement Policy. Gmail also provides support for large attachments and gives a user-friendly environment on mobile apps. Along with its continuously growing image as a “professional” email service provider that makes it is a more preferred option than Yahoo Mail.