Hotmail Backup Tool

Backup Hotmail Email to PST, EML, MBOX & MSG

  • Backup Emails of Hotmail account to local machine
  • Build account backup in EML, MBOX, MSG & PST file format
  • Internet connection is required to backup data of Hotmail without failure
  • Network bandwidth can be controlled according to requirement
  • Apply filter to download email of selective folder and date range
  • Configuration & Installation of Microsoft Outlook is required

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Effective Features of Hotmail Backup Application

Get backup of entire Hotmail account using Hotmail Backup Tool in five different languages such as German, French, Japanese, Portuguese, and Spanish. Download demo version and test it right now.

What all software can do

Backup Hotmail Email Data

Login now and Start backing up Hotmail Emails

Hotmail Backup software builds a local copy of Hotmail account ( emails. It is constructed to backup up every email from available folder without enforcing any effort in a secured manner.

Multiple format for backup

Restore Backup in Multiple Formats: MSG, PST, MBOX & EML

Save Hotmail account backup in multiple file formats like EML, MBOX, MSG and PST with the help of Hotmail backup software. Therefore, that you can easily import & use output file on different email client platform.

Paues and Resume live backup

Pause & Restart Live Backup and Control Download

Hotmail Backup software comes with pause & restart feature that helps in managing process of live backup. Through this feature you can hold live backup process in middle and can continue later on with restart option.

Preserve partial backup history

Conserve Partial Backup History and restart the backup from where it had left-off

In case backup process gets stopped due to tool shut down, you can start the backup from the same point. The Hotmail backup software is integrated with an option that helps to maintain incomplete backup history.


Email Download Filter to Sort required data to move further

Apply filter before starting backup process of Hotmail account data, so that you can backup desired data only and don't have to wait for the whole process. You can backup specific date range emails by providing "To" and "Form" value as well as backup selected or all email folder.

live download progress updated

Download Process Update – View the entire ongoing Download

Hotmail Backup software shows the live backup process updates with details like backup processed percentage, direct link of destination folder path, current folder being backed up, rate of backup, item count etc.

Delete after download option

Option to Delete after Download, which wipes out the emails from Hotmail webmail account directly

Software offers you option to clear account for email storage as it comes with a feature namely delete after download that helps you in deleting backed up data from account after it has downloaded on your machine.

Email header preservation

Preserve Email Headerwhilst storing the database

Hotmail Backup software preserve email header details completely during the backup process. Details of email header like To, Cc, Bcc, Form, IP details, etc., are kept intact while creating Hotmail account local backup.

throttle internet bandwidth

Control Internet Bandwidth – An option to manipulate internet bandwidth consumption

Consumption of internet bandwidth can be standardized according to necessity. The software comes with internet bandwidth controlling option through which you can mention the desired amount of bandwidth to be employed in Mbps or Kbps respectively.

Bandwidth throtling time slot

Bandwidth Controlling Time Slot to define time slot for running decided bandwidth

You can fix a time slot for define amount of bandwidth controlling. The time slot feature of software permits you to set time duration in which defined amount of bandwidth should be consumed in generating backup.

Maintain original email status

Maintain Email Status Keeps the Emails Data Structure Intact

Email original structure will be maintained by software while creating Hotmail account backup. Output file created in whichever format with email backed up maintain their original read/unread status as it is.

Multiple language supported

Support Multiple Language – Save Emails in Your Native Language

The Hotmail backup software interface language can be varied accordingly. The software offers six languages to set interface in which English is set as default language, other five languages offered by software are German, French, Japanese, Portuguese, and Spanish respectively.

See How to Hotmail Backup Software Working

FAQ: Frequently Asked Questions

Yes, it should be. Beside from Outlook's installation, you must have an Outlook account with an alias Outlook profile in order to export the Hotmail's data into PST.
Having Internet Connection, preferably the fast one is the most fundamental requirement if you are going to run this software. In other words, functioning of this tool is solely dependents on internet connection. In case, if you lost internet connection in the middle of download, then software will start downloading the emails, where it had left-off point earlier.
Yes, This software flawlessly downloads all the stuffs from your Hotmail account quickly as possible. However, speed of your internet connection count as another factor while downloading the emails.
Are you still logged in your web Hotmail account? If yes, then log out from it right.


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Client Reviews

The Hotmail Backup is absolutely amazing software. It is so helpful. The way it backs-up emails really simplified the entire process and saves a lot of time. The best thing I liked most about the software is that you can even control the bandwidth stream of downloading.

- John Isley, USA

Buying Hotmail Backup is worth doing rather than deploying conventional method for backup. I am pleased with the advance features of this software on which developers have worked well.

- Rurik Kersten, Canada