Journals And Associated Actions

Those actions are specific and devoted to crucial contacts get recorded with the name Outlook Journals. Tracking of Outlook items is also easy with the use of journals. Tracking other documents associated with MS Office suite is also an easy task with the use of journals. Things you want to remember can easily trace to the use of journal even the associated conversation is not stored on your computer. An email sent/received with proper conversation will remember by Outlook Journal. For easy and instant access of journals, one can keep it at navigation pane.

Know More About Outlook Journals And Associated Actions

  • Restoring Files And Associated Items Using Journals: Open file tab -> Move on with options -> find Notes and Journal -> in Automatically record option you need to select all the times for which journals should create -> Make selection of contacts for whom journals are necessary to be recorded and you can do it under "For these contacts" -> Within Also Record Files tab, make selection of checkboxes for the programs to be recorded as filesjournals option
  • Recording Single Outlook Item With Manual Process: Into Home tab -> follow any module in Outlook -> Get new items from New Group -> need to click on Other -> opt Journal Entry -> enter the required description into Subject Box -> Into Entry type box, need to mention the type of entry for which the record operation will be performed -> If more options are required to add up, then you need to use by own
    single journal
  • Record Outlook File That Is Not Configured: Finding and locating the file for proper recording -> to locate desired file use of Windows Explorer, desktop, or Outlook is required -> items those will be recorded should dragged into Journal -> now user need to select options with journal entry
  • Recording Date/Time for Contacts: Into Contact tab -> find Communicate group -> Go to Journal Entry -> The header of journal will show the time and date for the same that will be changed by clicking and selecting desired date -> to maintain the time and date according to your requirement, need to Start Timer -> Once the time is recorded that you worked with contact, pause the timer -> All the actions will get stored when you click Save & Pause tabset time for contacts
  • Automatic Time And Date Record For Multiple Entries: Into Timeline view, find current view group into journal, under View Settings, go with columns -> Make selection of fields for All journal fields and Frequently used fields-> set time for fields for which journals are created -> first step is for start time and the second will be for end time -> into timeline view you can check out all time update for the same journal.
    journal view
  • Changing End And Start Time Slot: Find Journal entry and open it -> Change the date for starting and ending by eliminating the existing number and adding up new number for the date schedulechange date
  • Make The Journal Empty And Off: Turning off a journal will lead to uncheck various checkboxes as -> File Tab -> Options -> Notes & Journal -> Journal -> into Automatically record, clear all checkboxes -> Clear all the boxes from All record files.
    journal option
    Journal-> Home tab -> Current view group -> Entry list -> enlisted table view for Journal entries:
    journal entry view
    • For single entry selection, just click it
    • For multiple entries, ctrl and click will work. For adjacent entries you need to select first one and with shift you can get the all till the end
    • For all, you need to click at one and then Ctrl+A

Once selection is done, you need to visit at Home tab and hit the Delete for all the selected items.

Conclusion: As the importance of Journals is discussed above along with creation, modification, and deletion, so for sure it was helpful to know more about all the associated aspects. Altogether, summarizing Journal in one word or line is not possible but, the importance of this Outlook element cannot neglect by anyone when we are working with any edition of MS Outlook.

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