Error "File Access is Denied When Importing PST file"

Microsoft Outlook has definitely mitigated the process of importing PST files and address book contacts with the feature known as Import and Export wizard. This feature primarily walks down to alleviate the importing process. However, a recent process of importing the PST file showed an error.

It happened like when I tried to import a PST file from a CD-ROM to the Outlook by making use of the Import and Export Wizard, an error message creped in the moment I selected the PST file. The error message read in the following information

Personal Folders

Properties for this information service must be defined prior to use.

The moment I clicked on 'OK', the following message popped up

Personal Folders

Properties for this information service must be defined prior to use.

On clicking further on the 'OK' tab, I received a dialog box for again selecting the PST file from the CD-ROM. What can be the cause for such an error? Let us find the reason that is responsible for the occurrence of error.

Cause of the Error

On trying to figure out the cause of this error, it was found that the error occurs because when we burn any file to a CD-ROM with the aspect of long-term storage. The outcome is that the file that is created has the attribute as read-only and to your worst nightmare, there is no way that, a user can change the mode of the file on CD-ROM. For importing the PST file into Outlook, you ought to have a write mode access on the PST file. However, on working around certain solutions it was revealed that you could avoid the occurrence of such type of errors. Let us know about it in details.

Resolving the Error

In order to resolve the error that occurs when importing a PST file from Outlook, you can try out two different methods. If the first method does not work out then try executing the second one.

  • Changing the attribute
  • Checking for corruption

Changing the Attribute of File

  • Copy the Outlook PST file from the CD-ROM and save it on the hard drive of the system. Alternatively, you can copy the file to any other media.
  • The next step consists of removing the attribute 'Read only'. To change the attribute, right click on the file and then select 'properties'
  • Disable the check box that is enabled for 'Read only' and then click on 'OK'

After following the above steps, the import process of the PST file should execute successfully. If not, then try the second method.

Checking for Corruption in PST file

Chances are there that the PST file is not imported to Outlook because it is corrupted. To remove the traces of corruption scan the PST file with the help of Scanpst.exe utility before importing it to Outlook. The tool will efficiently remove the corruption traces that exist in the PST file.


It must be remembered that even if you are importing the PST from another version, then it should not create any difficulty in the importing process. Although in case of password-protected Outlook data files, you need to provide the password for importing the files into Outlook.

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