What to do if Auto Archive Feature is Missing in MS Outlook

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Published On September 29th, 2023
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AutoArchive: AutoArchive is a feature of MS Outlook, which is used to manage the space of the mailbox that you are using. The AutoArchive feature can be used for automatically moving items from their original location to an archive location or to back up or delete items from MS Outlook. The location of archive file depends on the OS running on your computer. However, the problem faced by many users is “AutoArchive Feature is missing in MS Outlook”. In this blog we have explained the reasons and the solution of the same problem.

Why AutoArchive Feature is Missing?

  1. AutoArchive Disabled by Administrator: The AutoArchive feature has been disabled by your corporate administrator via corporate policy to prevent spreading of mailbox data on various computers connected with same network.
  2. Online Archive with Exchange Server 2010: If the Online archive has been enabled with Exchange 2016, Exchange 2010, Exchange 2013 or Office 365 account thenclient-side archiving options are disabled by MS Outlook and archiving will be performed on a special Exchange mailbox.
  3. After Applying Update on MS 2007: The AutoArchive feature may be removed after updating KB2412171 on Microsoft 2007.

Solutions: AutoArchive Feature is missing in MS Outlook

If you are using MS Outlook 2007 and the AutoArchive feature is missing due to update of KB2412171 on Microsoft 2007 then, you can remove the updates by following below mention steps.

Uninstall the Update KB2412171

  • Open Control Panel and click on Add/Remove Program.
  • Click on View Installed Updates.
  • Select Update for Microsoft office (KB2412171) and uninstall it.

If you are not able to remove update from control panel you can perform the System restore or you can uninstall MS Office 2007 and then installit again by applying all updates except Update for Microsoft Office (KB2412171).

NOTE: Already the issue has been resolved by Microsoft. However, you can follow above mention steps if your AutoArchive feature is missing due to update of KB2412171.

Ask your Administrator about the Group Policies

If the AutoArchive feature is disabled by the Mail Administrator, then you can ask mail administrator or Manager about the Group Policy through which archiving function is enabled for Outlook users and they get authentication to archive data. In addition, an EDB Admin can also define where to place data and how long it should kept.

Automatic Archiving by Archive Policy

In the case of Online Archiving with Exchange Server2010, automatic archiving is performed by MS Outlook via Archive policies.

You can easily find the Assign Policy option by clicking on Home tab. By using this option you can set an Archive policy to a specific item or to entire folder and the selected items will automatically move to the Online Archive. In MS Outlook 2007 or earlier version you can assign these policies via Outlook Web Application.

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At the end, we can say that if AutoArchive feature is missing in MS Outlook due to the online archiving or due to Update for Microsoft Office (KB2412171) then you can easily get rid of from this trouble by reading the above mention solutions.