What To Do If Outlook Email Has Been Stuck in Outbox?

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Published On September 28th, 2023
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The most common issue which Outlook users come across very frequently is the mails being stuck in the Outbox folder. User writes a mail, sends it, but it is getting stuck in the Outbox folder and Outlook is not processing it further. This blog enlists all the scenarios when this happens and the workarounds to overcome this issue and send the emails stuck in Outbox folder.

Reason & Workaround to Send Emails Stuck In Outbox

1.) No Connectivity With Mail Server:- The foremost thing that s user needs to check is whether Outlook is connected to the mail server or not. This can be seen in the bottom right corner of the Outlook panel. When connected with Internet Mail server or Exchange Mail Server, you can see the statement All folders are up to dates. In case you are not connected, it will show the last time the folder was updated.

#Workaround: In case the folders are not updated, that means you are not connected to the server. For checking the internet connectivity, open any browser and check if you are able to browse the internet. If you can do so, that means you have the internet connection.

2.) Large Size of the Attachments:- When the emails are stuck in your Outbox, one of the possible reasons for this is the large sized attachments with the mails.


For sending the emails having large attachments you can either delete the entire emails, or just delete the attachment. In case the attachment is very important and cannot be accessed again you can share the attachment over a network and can give the network access to the recipient of the mail.

3.) Incorrect Password Is In Use:-If you have configured other accounts with Outlook, say Gmail and you have changed your Gmail account password.


If you have done the above, you also need to change the password in Outlook as well. In case the password is not changed in Outlook, you are bound to have Send/Receive errors and the mails will be stuck in the Outbox folder.

4.) Add-in Marks The Email As Read If Viewed:- In case you have a habit to open, view and then send the emails residing in the Outbox emails, then the mails will not be sent. The emails residing in the outbox folder should be unread and should be in bold and italic as well. Mails in bold and italic means they are ready to be sent, if they are only in bold it means they are read and if are not marked in bold nor in italic, then they will not be sent.


To send the emails that are in the Outbox folder and are not in bold or in italic, double click on the mail, edit it and then press the send button.

5.) SRS File Is Corrupted:- Outlook saves the Send and Receive configuration in a file named as SRS file. In case the file gets corrupted, Outlook won’t be able to send or receive messages and will encounter Send/Receive errors.

Workaround:- A possible workaround of this is to rename or delete the SRS file. Do not worry about the deletion of SRS file, as a new SRS file will be created automatically when you will restart Outlook.

6.) Antivirus Is Scanning the Mails:- An overzealous antivirus can be the culprit for not sending your Outlook emails. The anti-virus, which scans your emails before sending may prevent the emails from getting sent.

Workaround:- Disable your anti-virus for some time and then try to send the mail. In case, the mail is sent. It means that the problem was due to the anti-virus. Disable the email scanning option in the anti-virus.

7.) Hidden Messages Not Being Sent:- At times, there are hidden messages that are not sent and lead to a stuck read receipt. These kind of messages are stored at the root level of Outlook mailbox.

Workaround:- You can delete these kind of messages via two methods:

  • Change the existing SMTP port to the one, which can send the message. Once it is sent, change the SMTP port back to the original one.
  • You can delete the hidden message with the help of MFCMAPI.

8.) The Server Settings Have Changed:- At times, the service providers change the port numbers or the authentication methods of sending emails. Therefore, even if the messages were being sent earlier, they might be getting stuck in Outbox now.


Check with your service provider in case these changes are being made. Moreover, make sure that he has no blocked the port numbers that your use as an outgoing server.

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We believe that with the help of above-mentioned scenarios and there workarounds, you will be able to troubleshoot the issue of mail being stuck in the outbox folder of Outlook.