Information About Outlook Calendar

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Chirag Arora
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Published On October 4th, 2023
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What is Outlook Microsoft Calendar?

MS Outlook Calendar is the component of Outlook that is used for calendar scheduling and other meeting management tasks. This element is properly connected with Outlook emails, MS Outlook contacts and associated facilities.

What You Can Do With Use Of Outlook Calendars?

  • Appointment and Event Creation: To schedule the appointment at any day, you just need to pick up that slot. For this slot a message or sound reminder will be scheduled so one can get quick alerts for urgent meetings and appointments. To specify the schedules in a proper manner, dates can make as colored.
  • Forming Meetings: Selection of a particular time into Calendar to create a meeting request is the task that can easily perform by the user. Once the invitees will get notification they will accept the invitation. The invitation to the scheduled meeting will be sent through mail and it will go into Inbox of the Outlook email Invitee.
  • The request that is sent over email can decline or tentatively accepts with the use of single click. Allowing to set the other meeting time being meeting organizer is the permission provided by you. Tracking the number and names of Outlook users who accepted the request or not is in your hand. Even you can also check that who has requested other time for the meeting.
  • Group Scheduling Operations: Creating calendars to manage a schedule for a group, whether it is for professional or personal purposes is also an added benefit. For all the desired resources, one can manage the group of peoples. Getting an instant view of people for a particular department offers ease to work towards a plan easily and flawlessly. It helps to manage resources according to individuals and groups so, the tasks can be drawn easily.
  • Side by Side View For Calendars: This feature lets the users check out multiple calendars at a time. Means the side by side view for multiple calendars will be availed with the help of this feature. Like having an instant view of your personal schedules with friends and professional ones will be available without any annoyance. Moving and copying appointments from the calendars displaying on the screen is also a beneficial feature. To do this, the permission for the calendars, appointments, and shared calendars should check out.
  • Using Overlay View To Check Calendars: The calendars made by you and other users in your domain will be managed to get displayed in Overlay view. Like if you are having any conflict or doubt in personal contact view and commercial contact schedule, then you can use overlay view facility.
  • Linking Up MS SharePoint Sites To Outlook Calendars: If you are working with a SharePoint site, then you are free to check out listing of events of Outlook Calendar over the website. While you are offline, you can make changes into lists of Outlook. All the changes made into Outlook calendars will be scheduled and synchronized once the user gets connected to the internet. And parallel users can get view of calendars at SharePoint sites.
  • Ease To Share Calendars With Anyone: Sharing calendar information through internet calendar with the facility of having control over it is also fruitful. The information will get stored into an attachment type that will be visible into MS Outlook.
  • Publishing Calendar Information Into Online Outlook: The task of publishing calendars into online Outlook is also possible when you have availability of Outlook in online Microsoft mode.
  • Subscriptions Of Internet Calendars: Internet calendars and internet calendar subscriptions are quite resembling. The minor difference is Internet Calendar keeps the syncing on for downloaded calendars also.
  • Delegate Access of Other’s Calendar: Checking out your own calendar for managing others’ calendar with the feature named as Delegate Access is also possible. Like being executive of Company, one can manage the calendar schedule of manager as well. Creation, deletion, and easy move of meetings and associated schedules will be done by executive for the manager’s behalf.