Create, View & Delete Calendar Group In Outlook

How To Create, View And Delete Calendar Group In Outlook 2010

Microsoft Outlook 2010 and Exchange Server, when works in conjunction provides provision to create calendar group that help to view work colleagues, family and business associates. Calendar Group feature also helps to view combined schedules at glance without hampering other related work. The contacts in your Address Book will automatically add to the group members who share this group calendar with you. Calendar group also includes SharePoint calendars, Internet calendars and resources. The upcoming segment of this page will demonstrate you how to create, view and delete calendar group in Outlook 2010.

Note: The calendar group feature requires having Exchange Server account. Those users who don't have Exchange server account, they need to first create account and then proceed for the further steps.

How To Create A Calendar Group?

There are two ways in which you can create calendar group in Outlook that includes:

  • Prefer associates from Address Book or Contacts list
  • Create a calendar group on the basis of existing calendars

How To Pick Members From Address Book Or Contacts List

  • In Outlook, go to Calendar tab, then on Home tab click on Manage > Calendars groups > Create new calendar group.
  • Provide a new name as per your choice for the new calendar group and then press Ok to proceed.
  • Either choose Address Book or Contacts list under Address Book option to add members of group to new calendar group.
  • Type the name in Search box or browse for the names then choose the name and click on Group Members. Now repeat this method for each calendar you want to contain in the group and then click on Ok.

How To Create A New Calendar Group Based On Existing Calendars?

Click on Calendar, Go to Home tab, now in Manage Calendars group choose Calendar group. Then click on Save as New Calendar Group to create new calendar group. Provide a new name for the calendar group and press Ok to proceed.

Important Notes

  • To view the new calendar group you need to close the existing calendars or group as they open besides Calendars and Groups those are already open.
  • In order to add other calendar to view, then from the navigation pane check on respective box of the calendars.

How to Add Calendars to Calendar Group?

Users can add calendar to an existing calendar group by dragging it to the calendar group you want through navigation pane.

If calendar into which you want to add does not appear in Navigation pane then follow these steps:

  • Go to Calendar, on Home tab click on Manage.
  • In Calendars group click on Open Calendar and then choose the calendar of your type.
  • Either browse for the names of calendar or find them through Search box. Now choose the particular name that is required by you and click on Calendar. Follow the same step for each calendar that you want to add in the group and press Ok to proceed further. Resolutely added calendars will appear in Shared Calendars folder in the Navigation pane.

Note: Alternate way to add calendar to Shared Calendars is via Schedule View. Users can click 'Add a Calendar' box in the bottom of the view and specify the name which is required. This process will help to add calendar to shared calendar.

  • Now drag the particular calendar from the Shared Calendar to calendar group into which you want to add Calendar group from the Navigation Pane

Note: Users can also move current member of calendar group to another group. To do this drag the respective calendar to the calendar group you want from the Navigation pane and resolutely the member will be moved to different group.

How To View Calendar Group?

Select the Calendar from the Navigation pane.

Group Calendars appears either on horizontal schedule view or side by side of the panel. In order to view the calendars in overlay mode, click any one of them Day, Work, Week or Month. The calendars will arrange side-by-side accordingly.

Choose 'View in Overlay Mode' arrow on each calendar which you want to view in overlay mode.

Additional Notes: Calendars that appear in Navigation pane can be viewed along with any group, even if it's not the member of respective group. Users can also view multiple calendar groups together. For this select the check box of respective calendar or calendar group that you would like to view.

To hide calendar from view clear on its check box from the navigation pane. Or clicking on Close Calendar on calendars tab also hides it from viewing. But this settings apply only in the current view, it does not eliminate calendar from calendar group.

How To Delete A Calendar Group?

In order to delete any calendar group, right click on it and then choose Delete Group option. Resolutely calendar group will be permanently deleted from the calendars folder.

Conclusion: The above discussed section is useful guide for users to create, view and delete calendar group in Outlook. Those users who are looking for simple guidelines to compose and format calendars group in Outlook can take assistance from this segment. We are also expert in providing related Outlook tasks guides for users that assuredly help in achieving desired results.

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