Effective Features & Functionality of MS Outlook

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Chirag Arora
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Published On September 30th, 2023
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In this section we will discuss about the most attractive features & functionality of MS Outlook which can make email communication more effective. Since MS Outlook is the most popular email client and is widely used by Windows users; there are integral features offered by Outlook that makes it worth exploring to practice faster communication experience.

Faster Email Processing:

MS Outlook has launched with many altered and new features. Faster and efficient email processing is one such feature that will help making communication more effective. ‘Quick Response‘ saves time while sending emails; as with this the users can send emails right from the original message window. ‘Pop Out‘ feature will offer complete environment with new window which you can be used to compose or edit emails. Inline replies helps users respond faster and hence accelerate communication process.

Features & Functionality of MS Outlook – Email Attachment Reminder:

The most helpful feature in Outlook is the ‘Attachment Reminder‘ window that reminds users to add attachments to the email message in case it forgets to do so. Sometimes we forget adding attachments and send the incomplete email message which looks unprofessional and even time consuming at the same time as it requires sending email twice with complete message. So in this case this feature is helpful for people who are habitual to this kind of working procedure as now Outlook will remind them to add attachments.

Social Connectivity:

Outlook comes up with ‘Social Connectors‘ that makes it truly a communication platform. With the help of this feature, while reading someone’s email message you can stay updated with all the recent updates one has posted over Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn profiles. All the associated information is displayed in MS Outlook interface to keep the users updated.

Altered Contacts:

Contacts have now become ‘People‘; with all new interfaces it becomes easier to edit the contact information as it can now be done quickly and in more efficient manner. Contacts information for a person can be edited by clicking on its name anywhere into MS Outlook and then click on ‘Edit‘. Contact information can be edited or changed in a single view.

Features & Functionality of MS Outlook – Tracking Feature:

MS Outlook offer to track the status of sent email messages that records updates about whether the recipient has received your email or not. Whenever a new email is composed it offers the users with two options:

  • Request a Delivery Receipt“: By checking this option, it will let you know when the email sent by you is delivered to the recipient’s mailbox.
  • Request a Read Receipt“: The moment your email message is been opened by the recipient; you will be informed by a confirmation receipt.

If you want to keep updated with the status of your email messages that whether the recipient has received and opened your message, you can configure Outlook to track each email message within “Message Handling” section.

Customized Calendars:

The calendars have been customized and altered with new looks that makes it easier to add appointments, view scheduled meetings and organizing events. This offers to update the status when a particular task is been done. It also offers to preview current activities along with the actions scheduled for the same time for entire week. It also provides weather forecast feature that displays climate conditions for three following days. This will help users keeping up-to-date and ready with the weather conditions accordingly for local or outside appointments\ meetings.

Inbox Clean Up Tool:

Suppose the user has 10 threads from a same person regarding a conversation and only one (the most recent) needs to be retained in inbox while dumping other emails. User needs to assign appropriate settings to the inbox and it will help in saving only the most recent email message while deleting others. This feature helps saving drive space and makes email communication more effective as the user does not have to go through the entire emails for searching one particular message.

Shortcuts\ Hot Keys:

This is among the most impressive features of MS Outlook which can make email communication more effective. Keyboard shortcut keys make the Outlook 2013 much efficient and affective email application. Shortcut keys are often helpful to the users who send\ receives a descent amount of email messages on regular basis. It helps in successfully completing the task while saving time and makes the application worth exploring.


MS Outlook 2013 offers to invite employees and co-workers for meetings and provides the ease of instantly informing others about the urgent schedules. It also keeps track of accepted requests as well as rejected requests. Calendars can be shared with the consent of both parties; and by this feature the ease of viewing each other calendar schedules, meetings and other events can be availed. This feature also helps in informing about the activities of the employees such as what time they are in and out of the organization.

Ribbons & Navigation Bar:

The all new look of the ribbon helps accelerate communication procedure.’Quick Step‘ feature helps adding a particular task that is often done by the user and next time the same task can be performed with a single mouse click. Ribbon is often useful for non technical users as just by moving the mouse on a menu it will open up all the associated features within the ribbon area. Moreover Search feature has come up with many advance options that were not utilized much in the prior versions of MS Outlook application.

MS Outlook 2013 is introduced with many potential features that help making it a powerful and effective email client. The all white background User Interface makes it a descent application ever. With many updated features and alterations, Microsoft has offered a completely different communication experience to its users.