How to Enable or Disable Outlook Exchange Mode?

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Chirag Arora
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Published On October 3rd, 2023
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Outlook deployed by Microsoft has stroked the market and is now the desktop client of all the organizations or business enterprises because of its proper management of the personal information such as; emails, calendars, contacts, etc. and the facility to connect to the Exchange Server. The simple interface of the Outlook also adds users to get attracted to it. The Cached Exchange mode set up allows working with the Server through the Outlook. Once the configuration with the Server is done, users can work with the mails attached to the Server even without the network.

More on Cached Exchange Mode

When Outlook is configured with the Exchange Server in Cached Exchange file mode OST files are created in the Outlook. OST files are the offline files, is the pure replica of the mailboxes stored in the Exchange Server. The Exchange enables you to go through the mailbox even if the Server is offline or the network got disconnected due to some reasons. If the Server is not available, Outlook will check automatically for the connection or for disconnecting. Once when the connection is regained, it will synchronize automatically with the Server and will load all the changes that are carried out; data will not be lost.

The users can decide whether to enable the mode or not. It is all up to them and let’s see how to enable or disable the Outlook Exchange mode.

Note: In all the versions of Outlook versions the procedure for enabling and disabling the Cached mode is same, only there will a change to the way to access the option.

How to Turn On or Off Cached Exchange Mode?

Sometimes the users may not be able to turn on the Cached Mode because of;

  • No Exchange account for the Outlook OST profile.
  • The feature restricted by the Exchange Admin.
  • MS Terminal service is been installed.

Enable Outlook Cached the Exchange Mode

For enabling the Exchange Modes option, user will have to open the OST profile on the Outlook 2010 and then follow the steps:

  • Go to File tab and select Account Settings… click on account settings
  • On the E-Mail option, choose the Exchange Server account and select “Change”click on Change
  • Under the Server option, check “Use Cached Exchange Mode”.Check Use Cached Exchange Mode
  • Exit from the window and restart the Outlook.

Disable Outlook Cached Exchange Modes

Follow the steps to turn off the Cached Exchange file Mode.

  • Select Account Settingsfrom File option of Outlook.
  • In E-Mail settings choose the Server and opt “Change”.
  • Under the Server name, uncheck “Use Cached the Exchange Mode”. UnCheck Use Cached Exchange Mode

TIPS: The steps are similar in Outlook 2013 but, for Outlook version below 2010 like 2007, 2003, etc. users will have to choose the Account Settings from the Tool tab of the Outlook and rest of the steps are same.


The Cached Mode feature enables to work on offline mode, search and filter the mailboxes, etc. from Outlook. The users can enable or disable the feature whenever they want. When it is checked back again, the Outlook automatically loads the server mailbox files.